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Power Shifter® was introduced at the Lawn & Garden EXPO in 2006, Louisville, KY and caught the attention of many interested landscaping contractors there as something really "new" and useful in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry.  Then we were honored to win a very exciting award from the rental industry.  While we continue to work with manufacturers of professional machines to meet the demand in those markets, we've never forgotten that Power Shifter® was conceived with the homeowner in mind by a homeowner with multiple machines. 

Our initial design is suitable for all horizontal shaft engines in the 5.5 to 6.5 horsepower range; some larger engines will be accommodated in upcoming designs.  The Power Shifter® homeowner machines that will soon be available includes lawn mower, generator, pressure washer, chipper shredder, snow thrower, tiller, log splitter, and water pump. 

Power Shifter® advantages are many, because the system ties together all the machines you use.  Why pay for a separate engine on each machine--especially since you rarely need two machines at the same time?  And who wants to take the time to maintain a whole assortment of engines that each run only a few hours per season?  These will be things of the past with Power Shifter® homeowner machines.       

When you're ready for your next machine--you'll be able to purchase it at an attractive price too, because you'll already have the engine--which is the single most expensive component on any machine. 

Maintaining only one engine brings you convenience and minimizes downtime and the variety of parts and tools required--if you're a do-it-yourselfer.  What’s more, servicing the engine is a snap because the same mounting system is used to pop the engine onto the optional Power Shifter® Service Stand—at bench level—no more crawling around.  And running the engine year ‘round minimizes fuel storage problems and other end-of-season chores, like oil changes.  Let's face it, using only one engine for all your machines means you'll most likely maintain it better, so you'll enjoy better overall engine performance.  Doesn't this sound like the value you're looking for in your outdoor power equipment?   

Stay tuned, because we'll soon be taking orders!  Don't forget to let your favorite dealer know you're interested in Power Shifter® machines.   

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