Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power Shifter®?
It's a patent-protected rapid change engine mounting system that allows a single engine to be swapped between multiple machines in less than 17 seconds, without tools. 

What types of machines will the Power Shifter® work with?
Practically all horizontal shaft applications: Pressure washers, chipper-shredders, leaf blowers, edgers, de-thatchers, core-aerators, log-splitters, water pumps, snow throwers, generators, welders, cement mixers, trowels, plate compactors, roofing machines, mortar mixers, compressors, paint sprayers, power seeders, scarifiers, tillers, planers, the list goes on…

Do I need a separate tool or fitting to use Power Shifter®?
No tools are necessary, no wrenches or fittings whatsoever—just your hands.  The system is self-contained on the machine much as a seatbelt is in a car.  There are no loose parts to get lost. 

What about a throttle cable to engine? 
The system accommodates both manual and throttle cable control; it’s no problem.

Why watch the video clip?
Because this system is all new, it’s important to see it demonstrated to gain an understanding of how it works and how it can be useful on the machines you manufacture.  We think it's four minutes well spent. 

Can existing machines be retrofit for Power Shifter®? 
A retrofit platform is available if a machine chassis does not provide adequate flatness or rigidity.  This “retrofit kit” allow a manufacturer to implement Power Shifter® in production on many existing machines with little or no modification.  Some existing machines can incorporate Power Shifter® without the use of the retrofit platform, subject to engineering review from Nascent Design Inc. (NDI)

Does Power Shifter® cause engine damage or warranty issues? 
No, because the engine no longer sees any radial or thrust loads, but rather pure torque only.  The engine bearings are actually unloaded in the Power Shifter® configuration, they no longer need to withstand the overturning moment of belt or chain loading, and can even be isolated somewhat from torque spikes.  The engine will last longer under identical machine operating conditions. 

Is it difficult to incorporate the Power Shifter® system into a production line? 
No, NDI will provide engineering drawings and all the information necessary to manufacture with this straightforward system.  Very few changes are required on the production line; this system has been designed for minimum impact on the plant floor.   

What’s involved in manufacturing with Power Shifter®?
Engines equipped for Power Shifter® use (complete with engine-side components) will be provided by Nascent Design Inc.  A lightweight, auxiliary shaft assembly is added to the machine chassis along with the machine-side mounting component.  It’s that simple, just bolt it on. 

How much does it cost? 
The (machine-side assembly) costs a fraction of the cost of an engine, and can result in net cost reductions for machines, with other marketing benefits for manufacturers.  Please contact us to discuss Power Shifter® Business Models.

How does the Power Shifter® assist engine servicing? 
The same rigid mounting system that attaches the engine to the machine is used to mount the engine to the Power Shifter® Service Stand, which puts the engine at workbench height for total access.  The engine can also be test run on the Service Stand, if required.  See it on the online video demo.   

What about designing new equipment for Power Shifter®? 
NDI will provide engineering guidelines and review your application to confirm that new designs provide adequate mounting stiffness for the Power Shifter® system without the use of the retrofit platform, for maximum cost effectiveness. 

Is this system safe? 
It’s as safe as the current machine and does not add any hazardous elements.  A safety interlock kills ignition and prevents the engine from running when it’s not properly mounted. 

What models are available? 
Power Shifter® models for many engine outputs and types in the 3-10 hp range are being made available.  The popular horizontal shaft engines of nominal 5.5-6.5 hp share identical mounting and output shaft configurations and are accommodated by our initial model. 

What’s next?
Power Shifter® models are continuously being designed for new applications and additional engine types and sizes.  These include larger horsepower engines, a small diesel, and vertical shaft single and twin-cylinder engines.  What would you like to see?  Please let us know; we will respond to specific requests for additional applications. 

Can Power Shifter® be used on direct drive and belt or chain drive machines?
Absolutely.  Power transmission options with Power Shifter® also provide some interesting new flexibility in machine operation; we invite your inquiries.

What other applications are possible? 
Anywhere you need quick release for easy access to a small engine (or electric motor) may be a promising application for Power Shifter®Recreational go-karts are a perfect application for our mounting system. Educators like our mounting system for easy classroom handling.  Contact us with your own application for consideration.    

How can I find out more?
Please e-mail for more information.

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