Do you realize you can now power all of your machines with a single engine?  Our patent pending Power Shifter® rapid-change engine mounting system allows one engine to be quickly swapped between machines in only 17 seconds without tools.  Seriously.

Check out our news page here to see Troy-Bilt's "all new" approach to yard care only nine years after we introduced Power Shifter®.  Our approach is still unique in that we share only the engine into multiple machines.  Troy-Bilt's Flex, like the Stihl Kombi and Honda VersAttach, click attachments onto a power base unit.  The Flex power base unit alone weighs in at 145 lbs-before you even add a working attachment!

Here's something we discovered from exhibiting the Power Shifter® at three national trade shows:  Practically every homeowner with multiple machines wants our rapid change engine mounting system on their own machines!  Why can't you buy it at stores, yet?  Because American OPE manufacturers still embrace a very old business model:  "One engine gets bolted to one machine and it's out the door."

EPA Phase III emission standards have significantly increased the cost of (most) engines.  The economics of manufacturing Power Shifter® equipped machines becomes even more compelling--because sharing one engine is exactly what customers are looking for.  It just makes sense.      

Are you an Outdoor Power Equipment manufacturer?  Please contact us if you woud like to license our rapid change engine mounting system. 

Benefits to end-users include:
  • lower initial machine cost
  • increased reliability - because running year 'round prevents fuel problems
  • simplified maintenance - service only one engine

Need extreme reliability?  You can swap a failed engine to a back-up unit in seconds.  The Power Shifter® Service Stand holds engines at workbench height giving full, easy access using the same mount.  Engines can even be stored apart from their machines, out of the weather or in a secure area. 

The market demand is evident.  Landscapers have been asking, "Where can I buy it?"  With the RER IPA07 award, the rental industry took note.

Benefits to manufacturers:
  • Tap into the market demand for this flexible power system to boost sales 
  • Leverage brand loyalty; once a user has invested in Power Shifter® they'll want to extend this value with their next machine purchase 
  • Not supplying an engine with every machine yields a significant cost reduction
  • Offer attractive pricing on several machines bundled with only one engine for an advantageous marketing strategy

Please contact us today to learn more. 

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